The computer and internet development arm of Sunrise Agricultural Associates is Agricultural Computing and Consulting, headed up by Andrew Whyte. Andrew has been involved in computers since 1987 in building agricultural software, inventory systems, networks and web pages for a wide range of clientele. While at the University of Minnesota he helped develop, market and support the DairyCHAMP herd management program and the FINPACK financial analysis tool.

We offer a wide range of technology services, from web development and software support to technical writing and network construction.


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For examples of Andrew’s web development skills, visit these fine sites:

American Agri-Women

Minnesota Agri-Women

Academy of BioScience

Minnesota Milk Producers Association

A2K Conference Series

Agricultural & Food Sciences Academy

DairyCHAMP Dairy Herd Management Software

Moo Booth at the Minnesota State Fair

Wisconsin Women in Agriculture

For more information on services and prices, please contact Andrew Whyte at:

or 651-335-5585




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