For more than a decade, the Moo Booth at the Minnesota State Fair has been educating and entertaining Fair-Goers about the Dairy & Beef industries in Minnesota and around the world.

Located in the Cattle Barn of the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul Minnesota, you can come and watch cows being milked, take part in fun activities, learn about the care and management of cows, and even spin the Moo-lette wheel!

To visit our extensive website, go here. The Fair, and therefore the Moo Booth, is open for twelve consecutive days through Labor Day every year. For more information:

Doris Mold at
During the Fair, phone 651-642-2423
Fax: 715-822-6341



Our Mission:

The Moo Booth exists to educate and inform the public about the dairy and cattle industries.
It informs the consumer about:
· how animals work
· how the animals are cared for
· how the animals contribute to consumers' lives
· how animals produce all the products that they do
· how the dairy and cattle industries contribute to the economic, social and environmental well-being of our society
· how producers and other industry members play an integral role in making all of this happen.


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